8057art – theAll [09.12.2016 – 13.01.2017]

“The Big Bang theory, the prevailing cosmological model describing the development of the Universe, states that space and time were created in the Big Bang and were given a fixed amount of energy and matter that becomes less dense as space expands. After the initial expansion, the Universe cooled, allowing the first subatomic particles to form and then simple atoms. Giant clouds later merged through gravity to form stars.” (Wikipedia)

…and the question will always remain there, whispering in our ears, what was there before this great expansion? was energy also present then? light?
Standing here, in front of it, I get trapped within all these shapes and forms which some are recognizable to my brain, and when I read this description about The Big Bang theory, “Giant clouds later merged through gravity to form stars” , I see exactly this. This giant cloud creating a Star. The exact moment before it became true. This point when the amount of energy compressed in the same area is so extreme, that next step a Star is born. A Star which can be another Universe, another galaxy, another life.

Very similar to birth.
Too much energy built at such extreme level, that next step a baby is born.

That’s what I see in front of me now.