8057art is a gateway to experiment with abstract where everything is a concept of nothing… where it is possible for two fusing minds to be free enough to question and challenge that which is for most of common minds considered unacceptable or a mistake…. But what is mistake? Who can ever judge a mistake?

It began to come together when Daniel (an artist from São Paulo/BR, masquerading as engineer), happen to meet Friedrich (an artist from Cologne undercover as constructor)… In time their joy for creating music, drawings, photos, movies all began to fall onto a new, common platform of expression which today they call Canvas…

Usually starting with a few beers from the kiosk, they ascend those four flights of stairs to the Atelier/Music Studio/Apartment (and sometimes Restaurant) and lay a canvas gently on the floor. Slowly the gateway leading to a new dimension of colours, shapes, gestures, forms and feeling is opened up to them allowing through a peaceful rhythm which calms their hearts and frees their souls. There is only one rule to be accepted here: Follow your own mind!!!

“…it’s as though we each have a movie running in our minds, with same soundtrack record, Miles Davis – Bitches Brew… A good single malt helps embody this experimental environment as we continue back and forth to show one another how each movie is going on, using everything around within grabbing distance – acrylic paints, markers, sprays, charcoal, pen and literally anything else.” For the next hours they are 8057art.