Aleksandar von Zimmer

As one of the main motors in the Cologne Free-Music Scene, Aleks has always pushed Open Content and featured fresh Sounds straight from the Source.

„Its all about sharing“

With his own Label-Projects akashic-records, zimmer-records and haushaltsware he always got an interesting pick whether it is Ambient, Dub, Experimentals, Minimal or pure Undergound Techno. Besides his DJing, Producing and Label-Management, Aleks is also active in organizing Netlabel-Events as well as Radioshows concerning free Music, and has a big passion for abstract Photo/Video-Art.

Most of his works can be accessed for free, and he is always open for new directions, ideas, collaborations and conspiracies. He is a guy who uses the big democratic chances on the web to cross all Borders.

No Act too nerdy, no style too shy, no idea too weird. His only criterion: Quality and Realness.

His current Exhibition „Patterns“ was visible at Silencio from 03. March till 15. April 2016.